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Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)

Are you looking for a therapy service with a difference? OATS offers Occupational Therapy services facilitated by animals, in a rural environment, surrounded by nature.

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)
Animal-Facilitated Therapy 

Animals have a lot to offer humans, therapeutically. Not only have horses and dogs been evidenced to lower heart-rate and increase oxytocin levels, they also offer a non-judgmental relationship and accept people, exactly as they are. 

It is this steadfast acceptance, and living in the present moment, which allows animals to develop special bonds with people who may find other relationships in their lives more difficult. This unique connection can support people to open up, develop confidence and discover their self-worth. Animals also provide many sensory experiences, as well as opportunities for gross and fine-motor skill development.

Our animals here at OATS are at the centre of everything we do. We ensure that all activities are catered to their needs, as well as the humans' in the session. It is vital that our animals enjoy their work and that they are treated with utmost respect and care. As co-facilitators in the therapeutic process, our animals' comfort, dignity and well-being is honoured in all areas.

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