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Meet The Animals

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)


Bertie is a lovable Springer Spaniel. His favourite thing is  his ball and he is a dab hand at dog agility!

Bertie is an experienced Therapy Dog and his day-job is working in an SEN school.

Bertie loves getting belly rubs from everyone he meets!

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)


What Gandalf lacks in size, he more than makes up for in personality! Gandalf is a cheeky chappy who likes to investigate everything that goes on in his paddock! Before coming to OATS, Gandalf lived with his sister, Fleur, as a field pet, and he was desperate for a job. When his owner used to take the other ponies in from the field, Gandalf trotted after them, hoping to be taken in too, and was sad to never be chosen. Now, he loves his life as a therapy pony and can't wait to interact with all the new and interesting people he gets to meet!

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)


Fleur is the leading lady of the group! She is independent and knows her own mind. She looks after her little brother, Gandalf, and is very good pals with Alphie. Fleur also really enjoys making human friends too and loves getting her back scratched!

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)


Alphie is the cuddle-bug of the group. He absolutely adores people and will do anything for a stroke. He is his happiest when he is getting lots of attention and being brushed. Alphie is a man of many talents and also knows how to do carriage driving!

Our animals are at the centre of everything we do at OATS. We always ensure that they are treated respectfully and with care. We uphold their dignity, and respect their autonomy. We expect everyone who interacts with our animals to do so appropriately and with their welfare in mind. Our animals gain a sense of fulfilment and get pleasure out of the work they do with us. We want to ensure they can continue to enjoy their work, so that we get to continue enjoying working with them!

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)
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