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Supporting Us

OATS is a not-for-profit organisation, and we benefit greatly from the support of our sponsors and the local community. The everyday upkeep of ponies can be very costly, and we are grateful for any support we are given.

See below for for ideas of how you could help:

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)


Sponsor one of our ponies

Choose one of our ponies to sponsor. Sponsorship goes towards things such as hay, farrier, dentist, fly-spray, etc. 


When you become a sponsor, you will receive an information pack on your chosen pony, plus get personalised birthday and Christmas cards from your pony.


Donate Items

If you have any unwanted horsey items such as grooming kits, wheelbarrows, poles, lead ropes, etc., please consider donating them to OATS. 

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)
Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)


Business sponsor

Businesses can support us in a variety of ways, either through sponsoring a child's sessions, cash donation, purchasing equipment, gifted products, funding development projects, etc.

In return, we can promote your business and display your logo on our website, social media and at our centre.



Fundraising events of all shapes and sizes can greatly support us. From cake sales, to sponsored rides, to jumble sales, we welcome all ideas!

Outdoor Animal-Facilitated Therapy Service (OATS)
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